Proper Mag presents… GET LOST!

What happens when you take two lifelong outdoor clothing obsessives out of their comfort zone of away-days and city centre pub crawls and drop them slap bang in the middle of the Peak District? Where will they end up after surrendering their beloved phones to a stern orienteering mentor to ensures they can’t use google maps, Uber or JustEat to survive in the wild?

Most blokes like to think that if push came to shove then they would be able survive alone in the outdoors. Though these claims are usually made after several pints by a someone wearing a £300+ jacket in the safe confines of a cosy pub with excellent transport links and a decent supply of chips and pies on hand. They’ve seen Ray Mears and Bear Grylls do it on telly, how hard can it be?

Well you’re about to find out by watching ‘Get Lost’, a short film co-produced by legendary outdoor brand Mammut and Proper Magazine that features the editors of our publication being challenged to orienteer their way successfully around the beautiful Derbyshire countryside and to camp out in the wild for the night. Want to know the answer……GET LOST!


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