Proper Magazine Issue 13 – Now on sale

This is the best bit. The bit where people finally get to read the various stupid nonsense we’ve curated for another edition of the cult publication Proper Magazine. Someone actually called it a ‘cult publication’ recently apparently. I think maybe their finger slipped when they pressed the ‘l’.

Is that enough self deprecation?


Good, then I’ll start with the boast-athon.

We always say the new issue is the best one yet, but this one is. It’s a few pages bigger for a start. It has our first fully exclusive interview with someone fucking ace. Andrew Weatherall is a hero of ours and Neil gave him a ring, made him laugh, got him talking about French worker jackets and an ex-girlfriend called Sandra. We then sent Scott Kershaw down to Andrew’s favourite vintage shop to snap him. Not literally, I mean with a camera. It’s possibly our best work yet, I swear down. If only Neil would let us use the recording of the interview for our inaugural podcast.

Proper is better known for it’s take on clothes and stuff though, and there’s plenty of clothes and stuff in this issue.

I got in touch with Jockum from Our Legacy and pestered him with my own questions. Their new season stuff takes me back to my youth without being too nostalgic, which is some feat. I’m planning a summer wearing loads of Our Legacy, me. Well that and Battenwear.

Speaking of which, Shinya from the aforementioned NYC based brand has done us an ace favourite five for the mag and surrounding it are waves and waves of surf-related content. We decided it was a subject we had to touch on but with our own personal surf stories amounting to a ill-fated attempt at bodyboarding , it made perfect sense to get people who know the scene inside out to talk about it.  And talk about it they did, the highlight being a run down of Russ Gater’s bestest Hawaiian shirts. After reading it I went through a brief but very rewarding phase pretending to be Magnum PI.

Aside from surfing and Swedish goodness, there’s some rather mad tales of coming of age, including the story of my incontinence on the continent, Neil’s talk of wrecking a campsite in France, Michael‘s memories of Magaluf and Ian Hough talks about fuck knows what. It’s all great stuff.

And finally on the nostalgic tip Neil tells us just why he’ll be once again putting a pair of adidas Torsion on his plates of meat this summer.

And there it is, a run down of what to expect from Proper Magazine Issue 13. A SS13 round up. A summery summary.

Buy the fuck out of it now.


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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.


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  2. William Itwasreallynothing

    Agreed, best Weatherall interview I think I’ve ever read

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