Proper Outdoor Essentials – Socks

No matter what footwear you choose to employ this summer, they’re nothing without a correctly chosen sock with which to line them.

Comfort is key as is durability. Even if your summertime sojourns aren’t expected to expend much energy, you’ll still need to get something that’ll last you a decent amount of time.

This latest edition of Outdoor Essentials therefore focuses on feet, or more specifically, socks.

Druthers NYC Organic Cotton Melange Everyday Crew Sock
With a title like that, you know our mate Adam at Druthers has invested all his expertise and brain power into this sock. With a CV that includes brands like Aime Leon Dore, and a wide range of experience that takes in food, music and of course clothing, you’re not just getting a sock when you buy Druthers. You’re getting something else that can’t really be categorised.
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Gramicci Logo Print Socks
The readers who are that bit longer in the tooth will remember a fella called Jimmy Cricket, whose wellies famously stated which foot they were for, right or left. Hilarious, at one time, that was. Seriously. These days, with socks being designed with ergonomics in mind, what was once a joke is now reality. Football socks and those from other sports have L or R to denote which foot they’re for, and Gramicci have gone and added it to their own Logo Print Socks. From 1980s comedy to 2023 socks from an outdoor brand. This coffee is strong.
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Carhartt WIP Chase Socks
These do a similar job to what the Gramicci ones above do, but for a tenner cheaper. You know where you are with Carhartt, too.
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Gramicci Tie Dye Socks
No list of outdoor hosiery would be complete without something a bit off its head like this.
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Rototo Three Stripe Yellow/Poppy Socks
Cast aside any Hulk Hogan connotations from your mind and accept these into your life. They’re from perhaps the king of all the outdoor/lifestyle sock brands that have come to the fore in recent years, Rototo.
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Fjallraven x Specialized Socks
California and Sweden combine for a sporty sock designed for hiking and biking. These are pure summer.
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Norse Projects Bjarki Socks
This three-colour blend comes from Copenhagen’s own Norse Projects, a brand that doesn’t do things by halves. They’ll serve you well whether you’re parading the promenade or scaling a really large hill.
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GOOPiMADE GKA-03 Softbox Coolmax Socks
Make like a Ninja Turtle and treat your feet to these from outdoor brand GOOPiMADE.
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Rototo Tie Dye Chunky Sock
Another tie dye option, and another entry for Rototo. Nothing else to say about these other than they look like they’ve been put in a hot wash with a Berghaus Trango and a happy accident has occurred.
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