Proper Outdoor Essentials – Tents and Shelters

Sorry to write in such an advertising tone of voice here but we can’t help it. Basically, in summer when it’s sweltering, you should surely be sheltering.

Yeah, done it. Out of the way now.

Seriously though, no outdoor trip of any real significance can be complete without somewhere to convalesce. Though tents might be overkill for your day trip, we know some of your gorp hipsters types like to stick around overnight and make a bit of a weekend of it, so we’ve picked out some options for those intense about tents too. Shit, done it again. Slogan-tastic.

Also, Rolling Stones did a song called Gimme Shelter which could have been referenced. Look, just read on.

Snow Peak Lounge Shell Living Tent
Ok, so this is for serious outdoor types who are so serious they’re willing and able to drop the best part of £1700 on a very nice tent.

What are you getting for your money, exactly? Well for a start, it’s Snow Peak which brings with it a mark of aesthetic quality as well as the all-important reliability. It also houses up to six people, which makes a possible timeshare scenario a reality. When split six ways and shared between a group it’s not too expensive at all. Oh and this comes with a charcoal stove and table, so it’s not just a tent but something akin to the actual lounge.
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Heimplanet Mavericks 66° North Edition
Just when you thought we’d dropped the biggest of big guns with our first selection, out comes this amazing specimen. Yes, it’s a significant purchase, something even a multi-millionaire would stroke his/her chin at, but we can dream, can’t we? You can find all the tech stuff (of which there are absolutely loads) at the Heimplanet website.
Get it here, or at least look at it.

Craghoppers 4 Man NosiDefence Kiwi Tent
Look at this. It looks like something from a classic camping catalogue. It looks like Action Man’s house. It looks like it’s really comfy. It looks great. Whoever had the idea to produce and release this tent in the colours of Robert De Niro’s jacket in Deerhunter should get a round of applause. Not only is it great for the posers and the instagrammers, it’s a timeless tent with anti-insect treatment, part-recycled fabrics and a weight of 8.6kg, which might sound heavy but is very much worth the weight.
You should take a closer look

Poler Stuff 2 Person Tent
Something a little more modern and conventional here, from fun outdoor brand Poler. It’s ostensibly a two-person tent but they reckon a small child could fit in there too, or maybe two oversized humans with room to spare. It’s a roomy 2 person tent, basically. That’s what they’re saying. A nice touch on this is the eye-shaped window that allows you to gaze at the stars when it’s dark or stare at nosey passers-by until they leave you alone.
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Sierra Designs Full Moon 2 Tent
Not many brands with provenance in the outdoors can count on the status of Sierra Designs. Founded during the gear revolution across the pond, the brand has evolved with the times and continues to thrive in the outdoors. While you might be aware of their iconic 4 pocket parka, you could do a lot worse than also observe their tent game close up with this.
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The North Face Homestead Domy 3
Allow us to explain what’s going on here. It’s two brightly-coloured sleeping berths sitting neatly and comfortably inside a stunning-looking TNF tent. The doors are open so even though this looks like an insect under a microscope, we assure you it isn’t. It’s a tent by another Californian classic brand and it might just be our fave of the lot.
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Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1 Tent
Included partly because it looks smart, partly because it functions fantastically but mainly because it’s a tent by a brand seemingly named after your Nan’s bingo partner. A brand called Big Agnes will always merit further examination on this here website.
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