Proper Picks – April 2023

Engineered Garments Cagoule Shirt
Is it a cagoule or a shirt, or maybe it’s a tablecloth, reworked into a piece of attractive spring outerwear? Who knows or cares? It’s Engineered Garments, and as we’ve established time and time again on here, Daiki Knows.
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Forét Humid Liner Jacket
Lovely quilted jackets are out there if you want them, but few are as lovely as this.
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ST95 Dyne Smock – Navy
A reliable, well-made, infinitely wearable, year-round item of outerwear can be strangely scarce, so we’ve found you one here from the relatively recently relaunched ST95.
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Il Bisonte Coin Purse Classic Caramel
Yeah, ok so you don’t carry much cash with you, but what about those occasions every few days when a few coins are required? Don’t let them jangle about in your pocket, get one of these.
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Pop Trading Company Pop Oracle Jacket Navy/Multi
You can always rely on the Dutch Masters at Pop to bring you an affordable, technical, attractive outerwear piece each season, in this case a rework of something they’ve done before.
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Good Measure Shirley Crabtree Hooded Sweatshirt
Everything we’ve ever said about Good Measure remains true to the core. The best sweatshirts you can find. Fight us if you disagree.
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KEEN Uneek Sandals – Dark Olive / Black
If Nike ACG are copying you, you’re doing something right, no back answers.
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Snow Peak Light Mountain Cloth Parka Jacket – Brown
Summerweight smocks are somewhat ubiquitous but few look as smart as this.
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Everyday Garments Grandison Smock
Built in the home of Tony Hopkins and Rob Brydon, Everyday Garments have slowly but surely been building something familiar yet different this last couple of years. You should support them, and in doing so enhance your wardrobe.
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Wax London Santo Cargo Trousers Khaki
With fits on trousers seemingly getting wider by the second, we don’t need to go all in. In this effort from Wax London there’s something that will show you’re on trend without you getting sucked off your feet by a gust of wind.
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Percival x Football Ramble Phil Neville T-Shirt
A t-shirt boasting the image of Bury’s third best England right back Phillip Neville may not be something you’d expect to exist, but it does, and for that reason we think you should get one. It’s the result of a link up between Percival and the popular Football Ramble podcast.
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Kavu Busy Livin’ T-Shirt
We cover Kavu a lot but make no apologies for this. We love it. This sunny delight is ideal for summer.
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Beams Plus Multi Stripe Tee
Straight from Sesame Street, this. It has to be inspired by Ernie, of Burt and Ernie fame, right? Has to be. Except we don’t think it was. Doesn’t matter either way tbh.
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Blue Blanket Two Pack T-Shirts
How do you elevate a premium product that is essentially pretty plain? Through the packaging of course. If I bought this t-shirt two pack I’d struggle to take one out, just because the packaging looks so pretty. No, I’m not that weird.
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Anonymous Ism 5 colour mix socks
A fan of gorgeous shades of lava-esque hues cascading down your calf muscles. Then look no further.
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Stussy Basic Pigment Dyed T-Shirt – Tomato
We’ve written about this tee elsewhere on Proper recently but the shade of red has us enchanted. Tomato indeed. Sweet.
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The Real McCoy’s Aviator Flying Sun Gold Sunglasses
You know that few quid you recently came into, that you said you weren’t going to spend on chips and other takeaways? Well, items like these are both practical and an investment. More wholesome than frittering your money away on fritters anyway.
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Finn Comfort Xop Baden Special
Oh God, look at the little metal branding. Look at the extensively perforated upper. Look at the shape of that fucking sole. Oh God. Save me from falling in love with Grandad’s shoes.
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Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Tote Bag 27L
Find us a more attractive everyday bag. We’ll wait.
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Forét Liner Vest 
A brand that channels the beauty of the outdoors as well as Foret cannot fail to work all year round, even if this autumnal shot suggests otherwise.
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Percival Crochet Short Sleeve Shirt
Bit of a trend this isn’t it, the whole crochet pattern. Nothing wrong with it at all though, especially when executed as nicely as this. Whether a 44 fat lad from the North West can pull it off is open to question, but see you who’s reading this, a regular gym-goer with a healthy complexion and a joie de vivre few can claim to possess? Yeah you. This would suit you down to the ground and back up again.
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Diadora Borg Elite
Diadora takes its name from a Croatian city that used to belong to Italy. Did you know that? No, we didn’t either, until recently. True fact. Share it with you #FootballCasual mates and watch as they recoil in horror at what an absolute geek you really are, before letting you off because you’re wearing a pair of these frankly gorgeous Borg Elites. Sorry, got to call them B. Elite now. But we know, don’t we?
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adidas Originals Gazelle
On the subject of terrace classics, how we all feeling about this Gazelle? Pretty racy isn’t it?
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