Proper Picks – April 2024

It’s the season when the clocks have advanced, so keen they are to remind us it’s spring. With that comes a little more wind in our sails, new clothes and shoes and a few other items with which to elevate your life and celebrate the season.

adidas Bali Trainer
There’s something quite pleasing about the multiple shades of blue on this shoe. It’s probably our favourite hue. That all rhymed but it wasn’t intentional. If you think it was, you must be mental.

Sorry. Just look at them properly here

Good Morning Tapes Reversible Vest
The perennial purple and olive mix comes accompanied here by multiple patches, all very much on point and in keeping with the kind of stuff everyone seems to be on now. Hiking, psychedelics etc. A nice layering piece, is what you’d call it.
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Bedrock Sandals Mountain Clog
Kind of like Birkenstocks from the future, with a sprinkling of new expertise, Bedrock are another ostensibly summery footwear brand challenging us all to don footwear for the warmer months, perhaps even with socks. Your choice, but definitely go with socks. Just to wind up your square friends.
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The North Face x Special Projects x Undercover Packable Shell Jacket
TNF occupy an enviable position in the pantheon of brands we write about, in that they’re ubiquitous in a way that doesn’t put us off. That’s a rare quality to possess. This collab with Undercover from their Special Projects Range is another example of how good they are at making new stuff that is very TNF yet also fresh and new.
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New Balance Dynasoft Nitrol V5 Trainers
Cool camo vibes with a flash of red warning sign. Would wear these to death.
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Gramicci Mesh Cap
Caps in summer are a conundrum at times, we reckon. You want something that’ll keep the sun off your face but you don’t want it trapping in any warmth generated by your bonce. This challenges that issue head on (lol) via mesh.
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Kavu Little Feller Bag
Any product called ‘Little Feller’ immediately piques our interest and this from Kavu is characteristically playful. It’s a brand we write about a lot, but with good reason. They were on the whole hiking and outdoor vibe before it became as popular as it now is.
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Service Works Sunny Side Up T-Shirt
Making a brand based on what a chef might wear would ordinarily raise eyebrows but Service Works have done such a good job of it, we’re forced to take note. Whether you’d don these garms to chop up onions or dice a carrot or whatever, is unclear. But you’d defo wear this tee on your holidays this summer.
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adidas Originals by Spezial Whitworth
Proper concrete creps these, ideal for low key manoeuvres around Manchester or some other built up city. We say Manchester because these take their name from Stockport-born Joseph Whitworth. As anyone with half a brain knows, Stockport isn’t in Manchester, but Whitworth is synonymous with the nearby big city due to his philanthropy, resulting in roads, parks and galleries bearing his name. History/geography lesson over, fact fans.
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Nike Air Max 95
Our crippling workload precluded us from joining in with the Air Max Day festivities recently, so belatedly, please firstly accept our apologies and secondly feast your eyes (and feet) on these. There’s something special about black with a bright lime pop colour. These take us back to the Son of Lava Dome which will always be held in high regard by us. Colourway-wise of course. The 95 will always be out on its own as far as we’re concerned.
More Nike footwear here

Hikerdelic Mucker Jacket
Oh look, here’s an inclusion for the brand Proper owns. Nepotism at its finest. We reckon all the hard work and focus we’ve put on Hikerdelic in recent years is starting to pay off and in this Mucker Jacket is evidence enough for you to know we’re not messing about.
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Gramicci x And Wander Pocket Sweatshirt
The collaboration of the season in perfect purple. Get on it.
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Carhartt Gummy T-Shirt
Oh look, Carhartt doing nice tees again. This one channels the humble jelly baby as we did for this tee.
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Hikerdelic Swirl Sweatshirt
Another plug for our own stuff but it’s time to put some muscle behind the hustle or something.
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Napapijri Rainforest Jacket
These three colours are always a winner. Actually is that a flash of yellow on the hood? Always great, always outdoorsy, and in Napapijri there’s a brand you can rely on.
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