Proper Picks – December 2023

The final instalment of our monthly product round-up sees inclusions from all the familiar faces, plus a few surprises, too. For some reason, we’ve been drawn to reds and blues this time around.

Cotopaxi Allpa 60L Gear Hauler Tote
A carry-all tote that transports your gear from home to car to hike.
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Elmer Deep Pile Gloves
You know that feeling you get when the warm fuzziness of fleece touches your skin when it’s cold? Now imagine it on your hands. That’s what this is, here.
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Mephisto Rainbow – Pacha Navy
Navy shoes are an acquired taste but there’s something about these Mephistos that’s quite compelling, whether it’s the nubuck used to make them, that pop of green on the logo or the mad mix on the sole. Want.
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C.P. Company DD Shell Jacket – Ketchup
We’ve covered this before, but for some people, the idea of covering ketchup is quite appealing. Mainly kids who are scared of salad.
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Anonymousism Injection Dyed Boxer Shorts
Ideal for camouflaging any accidents, and/or impressing bedtime onlookers as you undress. “Look at me” they say “I even wear cool boxers”.
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Rototo Chunky Rib Crew Socks
Few trios of colours go together quite as well as red, yellow and blue. Think Colombia and Romania national teams, think Berghaus Trango. Think Rototo Chunky Rib Crew Socks.
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Berghaus Mera Peak 2000 Waterproof Jacket
Just mentioned Berghaus up there, but this isn’t a Trango, it’s the cooler cousin, the Mera Peak, a wonderful waterproof creation.
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Harry’s Christmas Cracker Advent Calendar
This being the season of giving, most male men in your life will appreciate a well-thought-out collection of creams and razors and that. Harry’s have you covered in that respect.
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Kelty Lowdown Chair – Deep Lake/Fallen Rock
The regular references to emergency chairs at Christmas are our only reason for including this camping effort from Kelty. That mad uncle who always comes for his Christmas dinner will complain it’s too soft but the kids will love it.
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Hikerdelic Balaclava
Oh look, Hikerdelic, our own brand, the one we spend our time on when we’re not writing about other people’s brands. It’s a balaclava and it’s gorgeous.
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Rumpl NanoLoft® Travel Blanket – Deepwater
With the cost of living biting many of us on the backside, a longer term investment in another layer might be a nice diversion. Rumpl are the people you should head to if that’s your ploy.
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Meanforme Risedale Leather Shoes
Red leather shoes aren’t for everyone, but when they’re as beautifully crafted as this, it’s hard not to imagine them on your feet. Father Christmas wears these to drive his sleigh in, probably.
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Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan
This scent is reminiscent of a ramble through the Souks of Marrakech, apparently. That’s nice isn’t it?
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Krakatauwear Bicep Liner Jacket
If you’re going to get yourself a nice winter warmer, a glance towards a brand with the outdoors in its DNA is wise. This is that. That is this.
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Nike ACG Air Zoom Gaiadome GTX
Nike’s own All Conditions Gear isn’t quite true. Would you wear these in All Conditions? Nope, you’re not sunbathing in them are you? But if you’re wanting to combat cold, fight off the freeze and other weather-based alterations, look no further.
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Gramicci Stoneheads Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Gramicci do these tees better than anyone. That’s all there is to say about it.
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Anonymousism Mix Tie Dye Crew Socks
Another inclusion of red/blue socks. Another inclusion for Anonymousism. If your loved-one opens these on Xmas morning, their face will be a bloody picture.
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Pop Trading Company x Miffy Applique Knitted Cardigan
Cardigans at Christmas are very appropriate. Imagine yourself sitting on a dining chair, nephew bouncing on your knee, dribbling mince pie all over your best jeans. But it doesn’t matter too much because you’re wearing this gorgeous card from Pop and Miffy.
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