Proper Picks – January 2023

It’s that strange point in the season when discounts are plentiful and newness remains somewhat elusive. However, fear not. We’ve not discriminated between full or reduced price and as such there’s a mixed bag here of stuff you’d like.

Homecore Jr Locke Reversible Jacket
The team were recently in Paris where the home store of Homecore (rhymes doesn’t it?) was (and still is) located. What a nice place full of nice clothes. We’ll be paying more attention to this gear in future.
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New Balance Rainier Boot
Named after a huge hill near Seattle, this Rainier boot is the kind you’ll attract admiring glances for, yet when the trend dies down a touch, you’ll still be able to wear these for your hill walking.
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Market x Smiley Basketball
Because basketball isn’t at all babyish.
Dribble here to net one

Carrier Goods Borg Zip Through Fleece
A brand continually appearing on our radar, Carrier Goods make nice gear with an outdoor slant. In this case, using a fetching shade of pink.
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Stan Ray Winter Box Jacket
The American workwear stalwart has long since broken out of its functional roots to create attractive pieces just as at home in the coffee shop as they are in the workshop. This is a good example.
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Norda Dyneema Sneaker
Proper Darth Vader vibes on these you know. They look like they’re made out of tyres for a Land Rover, so it should be no surprise that they’re hard wearing and rugged.
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Vollebak Off Grid Fleece
We always say this, but few brands do marketing, storytelling and compelling products like Vollebak. This fleece may appear a straightforward piece of clothing, but listen to Vollebak and they’ll have you believing it’ll also clear your budgie’s teeth.
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Kavu Herschel Hat
Kavu love the outdoors so it’s an obvious inspiration for them. This hat comes in numerous version, all with a lovely mountainous scene adorning them.
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Hoka One One Mafate Speed 2 Sneaker
Imagine if Swizzels made a shoe. This is that. That is this.
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Gramicci Wool Camo Pant
For those times when your winter walk demands an incognito fit.
Reduced to half price here

adidas Originals Marathon TR
Rugged and ready for the slippy pavements, this new take on the iconic Marathon TR comes with sturdy cordura reinforcement.
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Arc’teryx Alpha AR GORE-TEX Pro Men’s Jacket
The brand of the moment, or the future, or yesterday, depending on your viewpoint. It’s defo having a time isn’t it?
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Kavu Bella Coola Hooded Fleece
Perfect for stargazing in.
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Smith and Goat Concrete Soap Dish
Because really, without an item like this in your bathroom you can’t claim to have completed life.
Get it here, in the sale

New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V7
Maybe because I’m hot off the flight from fashion week, these outlandish sneaks really scream “buy me, m8”.
I might, you should too ,here

Gramicci Stoneheads T-Shirt
Not sure what’s going on here. Is that a side profile of a disgruntled stone bloke on the right? And if so, why isn’t he simple gruntled? Why must he be disgruntled?
Couple of colours in the sale here

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