Proper Picks – July 2022

In what will hopefully become a regular series, we’ve chosen loads of things we quite like and/or appreciate the existence of. Throughout the month of July, we’ll update this on a weekly basis, with fresh new stuff we wanted to share with you. There’s no real theme, no Six of the Best or Top Ten. Think of it as a virtual shopping trolley, full to falling over with gear we just liked the look of.

adidas Tobacco Gruen
Back in the 90s when the factory shop in Stockport was overflowing with rich pickings, a pair of Tobacco were procured by my father, basically because they were about £8. They lived at the bottom of his wardrobe for about 4 years then suddenly vanished. I’ve never got over it. A few variations have appeared over the years but until now none have fully fit the bill. The golden, slightly hairy version with its rounded toe… yep. I’m a fan. Fitting in this heat, tbf.
Get from Oi Polloi here

Kavu Rope Bag
Whether you’re off on holiday or just hanging around town trying to look cool, this Kavu Rope Bag will assist you in your pursuits.
Get it here

Aries Space Dye No Problemo Balaclava
Prep for the weather inevitably taking a negative turn by jumping on this year’s autumn/winter trend.
Get hold of one here

Clarks Originals Torrun
Nice colour combo from Clarks on their contemporary take on a heritage inspired shoe.
Get from here

Carhartt WIP New Tools Glass
While their less-branded stuff might be the gear that sells the most, it’s the mad little accessories that really mark Carhartt’s personality. Their t-shirt game has been great of late, but it’s items like this New Tools Glass that catch the eye. It looks like something you’d get free with a load of aggregate or timber from the local DIY merchants and for that reason, it’s great, isn’t it?
Wellgosh have them

Neighborhood x Dr Woo Kakigoriman A Lamp
If you’re one of those people with a good few quid on the hip and a propensity for quirky luxury, look no further. The “Kakigoriman” is a table lamp by Medicom Toy for Dr Woo and Edison Chen’s collaborative art project OBJECTIVE. The lamp is a Neighborhood exclusive colour special edition. It’d look great on your bedside table, next to your expensive watch and blister pack of Xanax.
Get one at Goodhood

Berghaus Wind Shirt 90 Jacket
Looking like it’s inspired by an obscure Barcelona training vest from about 1994, this beautiful Berghaus Wind Shirt is one of the best summertime smothers out there, especially at £80.
Get it here

Klattermusen Ansur Hiking Hat
Now we’re talking. Ask us on any given day what our favourite brand is right now and the Swedish Climbing Mouse would be in the top three pretty consistently. This hat sums up their aesthetic perfectly.
Get it here

New Balance RC30
Looking like something a 1970s running magazine would feature on its front cover, the RC30 takes the best of the past and ensures its bang in the centre of the present.
Get a pair at NB’s website

Noah x Barbour x Popeye
You’ve got a new threesome to dream about. This link-up between Noah NY and the Barbour Bedale gets extra muscle in the shape of Popeye, of sailor man and spinach fame.
Get from Noah here

Palladium Troop Runner
It’s always reassuring when a product boasts various characteristics that sound amazing but leave you unsure what they actually mean. This Troop Runner from Palladium ticks that box with its recycled honeycomb lining, speed hooks and twisted eye noses. I may have made one of those up.
Get from Palladium here

Izipizi Blue Tortoise Sunglasses
Well priced and highly likely to make an impression, these Izipizi sunglasses will see you through this summer and those in the future. Not everyone wants to drop 2 ton on a pair of specs, so these are ideal for those people.
Born Store have these

Kavu Teannaway
Polar fleece perfection comes in the shape of this well-thought-out item from U.S brand Kavu. Priced well and sure to attract smart comments from your mates who wear bad footwear, it’s an ideal addition to any July wardrobe, we reckon.
Get from Kavu’s online store here

Comfy Outdoor Garment Mesh Cap
Taking design cues from 1990s cycling caps, this short-peaked cap is eyecatching, considered and cool, just like pretty much everything the excellent Comfy Outdoor Garments do. Hats from Harajuku, what more do you need, really?
Get yours here

Nordisk Asgard Tent
If you’re in the market for a substantial tent under which to spend your summertime sojourns into nature, this Nordisk Asgard is pretty amazing.
Get from Outsiders

Dometic Patrol 20 Coolbox
Everyone can use one of those cheap padded bags you get from supermarkets but a few trips to the beach or park and the zip breaks and they’re in the bin. What you need really is something substantial. Dometic are here for that purpose. They’ve just worked with the excellent Sideburn Magazine on this bike, named the Sand Flea. It’s a customised Suzuki VanVan 125cc commuter bike has been converted into a two-wheeled beach buggy capable of transporting Dometic’s popular Patrol 20 coolbox in a custom-made front-mounted
basket. Nice idea innit?
See more from Dometic here

Sebago Whaleback Shirt
No wardrobe is complete without a classic Oxford shirt. It’s that simple really. Protagonists of Preppy style Sebago are well-placed to put their name on stuff like this.
Get from them directly, here.

Carhartt Cabin T-Shirt
Sorry not sorry, for another inclusion for Carhartt here. Their t-shirts are consistently cool.
Get from Yards

Burlington Clyde Socks
There are some brands who are simply synonymous with a certain type of product. For Clarks read footwear, for Fred Perry, think polo shirt (ok, it’s tennis I know), you get the idea. Burlington have pretty much owned the argyle sock since Adam was a lad, and even with a new take on this classic style, they’re retaining that ownership.
Get yourself some at their site, here.

Ark Air A113AA LS Utility Shirt
The kings of Camo, Ark Air have made this water resistant shirt from ripstop cotton. As a result we’re back to that conundrum of whether it can truly be regarded as a shirt. We’ll let you buy one and decide.
Get from Ark Air here

Nobis Reversible Bucket Hat
For those of you who employ a different alter ego between night and day, this reversible bucket hat from Nobis allows you to show both sides of your personality. It’s bang in the middle of bucket hat season and this is a splendid example of the style.
Available here

Oi Polloi x Universal Works Deerstalker
Ok, so not everyone can pull this off, but if there’s ever a time of year to bounce about town looking like Sherlock Holmes after a Sunny Delight overdose, this is it.
Get from OP here

New Balance MR993
More New Balance? You bet your eyes it’s more New Balance. These made in USA beauties are never not right.
Get from Fresh here

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