Proper Picks – July 2023

This being one of the heaviest travel months, we’ve ended up including a fair bit of holiday-themed stuff in this month’s round-up. Have a look and see if there’s anything you like.

Carhartt WIP SS Coffee Tee
The back of this Carhartt tee is home to loads of different typefaces. The only place we’ve seen more different fonts in one place is Blackpool. And yet it works.
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Karhu Synchron Classic Trainers
It can’t be just us who have only just noticed the lacing system on these Synchron shoes from Karhu mimics their ‘M’ logo? If it’s done on purpose we’ve very much here for it.
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Pyrenex Hendrick 2 Windbreaker
Whether you’re in need of something to keep the chill off your back after the sun goes down at your festival of choice, or you looking for something to make a statement as the football season starts, this effort from Pyrenex is a head turner, box ticker and many things besides. It’s got the same luxurious feel as much more expensive brands, with a reassuring arm logo to boot.
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Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton Chino Baseball Cap
Find us a more classic baseball cap. We’ll wait.
Get it here, available in other colours too. This is the best though, obvs.

Belstaff Clipper Swim Shorts
This being full-on holiday season means you’re in the market for a good, reliable, quick-drying pair of swim shorts. Here they are. Look no further.
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Timberland Rubber Sole Brush
Exactly the type of item your utility drawer in the kitchen would benefit from. Even if you never use it, look how cool it is.
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Armor Lux Heritage Striped Short Sleeve T-Shirt
There aren’t enough yellow t-shirts in the world, and evidently Armor Lux are here to change that.
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Merrell Hydro Moc Shoe
Yes, we know your mate doesn’t like these, and yes, we know he’ll be wearing them about 6 months after lampooning you for wearing them.
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Paul Smith Zebra Swim Shorts
Another reliable pair of swimmers from the fella with the knighthood. The clincher on these is the drawstring, in Paul Smith signature colours.
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Varsity Cap
Taking inspiration from their original six-panel cap shape, Varsity Headwear designers have introduced a new geometric pattern in Seaqual textile. This is 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarn containing Seaqual marine plastic.
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Yeti Hopper Flip 12 Soft Cooler
If you’re planning on spending any serious time outside this summer, you’ll be familiar with the conundrum of keeping cans cool. With this soft cooler from Yeti, your beer need not boil.
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Paul and Shark Short Sleeve Stripe Polo
Striped polo shirts are better than solid colour polo shirts, and P&S know this very well.
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Snow Peak Mini Hozuki LED Camp Light
You’re outside on the patio, it’s late and you think you might have seen a bat. Or maybe it was a moth on steroids. Get your Snow Peak LED light out and see if it comes closer. Alternatively, do none of those things and just use it for camping.
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Rains Jacket in Navy
The inconvenient truth of things, is that British summer still has a stubborn streak that throws biblical downpours at us every couple of weeks. This combats that.
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Timberland 3-Eye Lug Handsewn Moccasin
Channel your inner paninari with pretty much the only footwear brand those lads would entertain.
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Malin & Goetz Saving Face
Summer can be taxing on your skin. Go the extra mile with various products from Malin and Goetz.
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Stan Ray Dreamy Bubble Sweatshirt
Nice colours, these. Stan Ray know their onions.
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Diadora Borg Elite (ok, Diadora B Elite)
You know the one, a stone-cold classic, originally endorsed by a well-known tennis pro.
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Epperson Mountaineering Reflective LC Pack
Epperson pretty much own this style of bag, don’t they?
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Maharishi 9050 Key Clip
Key rings have never been as cool.
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Stan Ray Ball Cap
Another vote for Stan Ray here.
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