Proper Picks – June 2023

Urbanears Juno Noise Cancelling Headphones
This being a period of potentially prolonged travel necessitates items to help pass the time. Said items must also be compact, easy to use and well-made. In other words, if you’re off on your holidays, you need some new things to jam into your ears to play music with. Urbanears specialise in this sort of thing and they’ll not break your budget either. Up to 26 hours of playing time are possible on their Juno model and the style depicted above comes in the raw recycled state, meaning they’re good for the planet as well as your ears.
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Faded Octopus T-Shirt
Not a brand we come across often, but anything that bears the words ‘it’s getting a bit wonky’ is fine by us.
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Kleman Leather Chunky Derby Shoes
Quintessentially French, these look like something a fella on leave from the Foreign Legion would wear for ballroom dancing.
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NN07 Ryan 6560 Crochet Polo
When did string vests get so desirable? Ok, it’s not a string vest as such, more a rich, luxurious polo, knitted beautifully and generally designed to make you look very, very fit.
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Paul and Shark Short Sleeve Striped Polo
Ideal for supporters of Scunthorpe United, Aston Villa, Burnley and West Ham United, or to be honest, anyone who likes these colours together.
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Belstaff Clipper Swim Shorts
In a lovely lime colour, these lightweight yet heavy shorts will serve you well as you top up your tan in Tenerife, or even Tenby.
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Carhartt WIP Idaho Jacket
Yeah, ok so you might not need this every day for a few months but when has that stopped you buying outerwear before now?
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Gramicci Flower T-Shirt
This is the back view, don’t get it twisted. Look at it. Not even sure what flower it is, but it’s lovely isn’t it?
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Herbar Adaptogen-Powered Face Oil
A face treatment that uses mushroom extracts, we’re through the looking glass here.
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Poliquant x Pendleton Quilted Effect Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Futuristic yet with slight undertones of heritage, this tech tee provides you with the best of both worlds.
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NN07 Niles 8432 Jacket
Coming in a colour called Nougat, this packable jacket is absolutely tailor made for summer days out with a loved one, or even just someone you quite like.
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Sun Surf History Of The Islands Hawaiian Shirt
Channel your inner 1980s heart-throb with this seriously suave surf shirt.
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Diadora N902 Tech Trainer
DO – Wear these on your holidays
DON’T – Wear them to a festival
Simple, really.
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Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Tote Bag
As the owner of a couple of these already, it irks me that Patagonia have once again created a must-have colourway in a bag that has given me so much joy. Stop doing nice things, Patagonia!
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La Sportiva Mutant Women’s Trail Shoes
How does something so busily designed still look so nice? Not sure tbh. Nice colours, maybe? This female shoe is a real trail shoe that also happens to look nice. Buy it for your significant other, if it’s a ‘she’, obvs.
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ST95 Dyne Smock
Nice navy outerwear is never off our radar, which is why we’re sharing this smart smother in spring/summer. Try saying that with a stubborn Werthers Original in your mouth.
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Fjallraven Vardag Tote Bag
Not seen much Fjall stuff in purple before. Have you? It’s nice isn’t it? That classic convertible tote that can be carried in the traditional way but also over your shoulder. Very nice, yes, very nice.
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Kavu Teannaway Fleece
We’ve covered these extensively elsewhere on the site, but not in this new colour. Look at it. Madness, but great.
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