Proper Picks – October 2022

Vollebak Fleece at Vollebak
This luxurious-looking fleece jacket is from those geniuses (genii?) at Vollebak. It’s made from recycled duck faeces, marshmellow and is stitched with unicorn hair. I mean, it could be. If anyone would combine such a trio it’d be Vollebak, but of course I jest. Their resourcefulness on the construction of this takes in old sweaters, recycled bottles and plant waste. So I wasn’t far off the first time.
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Pop Trading at Pop Trading
Just realised we’re two-thirds through the month and I’ve not coined the phrase Smocktober. Really shoddy. I’m slipping. If I’d had the foresight to do something (actually maybe I still will, there’s time) I’d defo include this from Pop Trading, who seem to include a version of this DRS half zip in every range. That’s because it’s really nice.
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Casablanca at Philip Browne
Sometimes, I know, when the yearning for yarn takes hold and knitwear is all we can think about, what’s on the front is secondary. So if this reassuringly expensive Casablanca effort is something you’re into, check out the weird concorde/fruit combo on the front. It’s so mental you’ve got to admit, you want one don’t you? If if you’d never wear it. Maybe it’s just me. It’s only available from Philip Browne’s Norwich store and not online,
Look at it here anyway though.

Patagonia Synchilla Fleece Anorak at Fresh
Well now, what about this? Proper Bonfire Night Vibes here.
Get it now so it’s here in time for the fireworks.

Fera Cord Caps
Hats start to become more important at this time of year, but despite the dip in temperature, do we really want to get wooly-headed just yet? A cool cord cap is just the job, and Fera are here for you.
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Hikerdelic Fleece at
Our in-house brand is back for autumn with some snug fleece. This Solari jacket is available in both the teddy bear brown shown here and a more wintry dark black and purple colour.
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TSPTR at Wellgosh
Big fans of this brand here at Proper. Their latest range of t-shirts continues to light our collective candles.
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Manastash at Fresh
Well looky what we have here. Good old Japanese Manastash making lovely fleece outerwear just in time for when we need it. Even Turin gets cold, which is presumably why Fresh have taken them in.
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YMC at Oi Polloi
At £95 this is a considerable purchase but then 95% of heat escapes from your head (probably) so £1 = 1%
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Hikerdelic x Flower Mountain Yamano 3 trainer
We’re not usually quite so self-indulgent here at Proper, but we’re that chuffed with how this trainer collab has come about we can’t help but share it.
You should take a closer look, here

C.P. Company at Aphrodite
Sometimes, words don’t do justice to the sheer appeal of a piece of autumn outerwear. Now is one of those occasions. Sorry.
Click here to feat on photography instead.

Nike Air Max 1 at Wellgosh
Featuring a hemp burlap fabric on the upper and lovely brown shades throughout, these are something you’d happily wear for your Sunday dinner or perhaps in the office, having cycled there wearing those weird shoes cyclists wear. They’re autumnal but not enough to kick leaves in.
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Universal Works at Aphrodite
It’s getting repetitive referencing the season and how appropriate certain garments are, but there’s little else to say about this garment, so strong are its seasonal credentials.
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ST95 Horizon Anorak at ST95
Like it’s older stablemate Left Hand, ST95 comes from the famed Massimo Osti DNA, having been founded in the year referenced in its name. Returned recently, it’s a very strong alternative to the more famed brands Osti created.
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Kavu Sole Kick at Kavu
Remember hacky sacks? Kavu have done their own take.
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Sunspel x Paul Weller T-Shirt
One for the older crowd this, perhaps. Or the young who are old at heart.
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Epperson Mountaineering at Fresh
This reliable, multicoloured backpack is the type of thing that would annoy your most boring friend. “What’s all those colours about?” he’d ask, incredulously. You’ll just slowly bring your finger to your lips, while using the other hand to point at his awful, awful shoes.
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Craghoppers at Craghoppers
Noticed a couple of people in this brand out and about at weekend. Known mainly for their reliable, affordable walking trousers, they’re embracing the trend for the great outdoors. Naturally we’ve been on them for a while, so it’s about time we nodded in their direction in recognition.
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Howlin’ at Fresh
Even the most hardline Brexiteer will find it hard not to admit it’s been a bit of a disaster. Politics isn’t something we profess to be experts in, but in every day life co-operation is key. That’s why a Belgian brand selling a hat made in Scotland to a store in Italy, which has customers all over the world, makes perfect sense.
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Left Hand Adda Smock at Left Hand
Massimo Osti founded this label almost 30 years ago, saying at the time it took its name from him being left handed. It’s back now under new management, with Osti sadly no longer with us. In his place is award winning Christopher Raeburn, whose innovative style and commitment to sustainability has helped forge a similarly celebrated reputation.
See the Adda Smock here

Vollebak Lumberjack Shirt at Vollebak
The only frustrating thing about this fantastic brand is no matter how hard we try, or what we say, we’ll never quite rustle up copywriting as good as their own. And we’re pretty good at it, ourselves. Words don’t mean jack, though do they? Their always compelling product stories are never not backed up with something as good as it claims to be. Their take on the Lumberjack shirt is back on sale, proving what you see for real is as good as the spiel. That rhymes, doesn’t it? Might be a little campaign in that. Gizza job, Vollebak.
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Berghaus at Oi Polloi
Despite North Eastern roots, Berghaus could barely be more at home in the North West. Oi Polloi is the place to find their latest stuff, including this fantastic Single Point Wind Smock. Terrace-tastic.
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Acne Studios at Pockets
Sometimes, occasionally, an expensive scarf is all the reassurance you need. For that purpose, Pockets are here for you.
Look, see. Here they are.

Redwing – Same Old Capsule Collection
The Same Old Capsule Collection is a story of nailing it first time round. Basically, Red Wing is a brand with heritage, and like any classic design, they’ve endured through the ages. Rather than celebrate newness they’re shining a light on oldness and telling us all it’s good. Because it is.
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Admiral Sporting Goods at Wellgosh
Aptly named after the tough Braunstone area of Wellgosh’s native Leicester, this hoodie boasts similar characteristics. Boasting a lovely wash, comfy fit and quality you’ll struggle to find elsewhere, it’s just what you should expect from a sportswear brand with history like Admiral.
Take a look here

Tretorn at Oi Polloi
Competitively priced outerwear from a brand with its roots firmly in Sweden. If you are looking for more than this, then you’re asking for too much TBQHWY.
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66º  North at Nordic Outdoor
If there’s one nation on earth that should know its onions regarding outdoor clothing, it’s the aptly-named Iceland. No, not the ‘Mums gone to…’ version, the actual country. Wonderful place. Cold, though. 66º  North are from there and we can personally attest to their expertise.
Check the entire brand out here

Gramicci at Attic
No apologies for mentioned Gramicci on this pages again. No apologies whatsoever.
Get this one from Attic

Salomon at Fresh
I can’t shake the feeling I’ve included these in a previous round-up but you know what, if I have I don’t care, because this beef and broccoli combo deserves it. And I’m not gonna stew over it. That’s a pun, sorry.
Get a closer look here.

Universal Works at Fresh
Looking like something a surfer from Ilkeston would wear, UW comes correct once again this season with a beautiful jacquard hoodie.
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Rains at Aphrodite
The great Danes at Rains began making very waterproof jackets, cemented their credentials in this regard and now they’re back with something to keep the cold out too.
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Elmer at Outsiders
Having sampled a pair of these last winter I can tell you with serious certainty that they’re just great. Not only do they keep your hands lovely and warm, they make you feel like you’re pretty much better than everyone else. Like, better to the point of having much more impressive gloves than them. Yes, people think like that.
Get some.

New Balance at Aphrodite
Coming correct in an autumnal colourway, these New Balance 9060 boast a chunky sole. Think of them as the ideal shoes for kicking leaves on the moon.
Closer look available here

Garbstore at Albion
Been a while since we talked about Ian Paley’s lovely brand here on Proper. Not sure why because every time we see it, we go “good this isn’t it?”. Because it is.
Evidence here

Diadora at Wellgosh
Yet another autumnal colourway in yet another pair of shoes. These are Diadora though, and Roberto Baggio (probably) wears them.
Get some here

Danner at Xile Clothing
The Jag boot is a more modern take on outdoor footwear by U.S experts Danner. Modern as in 1980s, but then their roots go way back. These have been sampled by the Proper team who can happily confirm they’re bloody brilliant.
See more of them here

Boiler Room x Wellgosh at Wellgosh
Acid Wash at Wellgosh sounds like some sort of lyric, which is fitting for this collab they’ve done with music institution Boiler Room.
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Kavu Gingerbread Tugidak Scarf at Kavu
How utterly lovely does this look? You know those days when you’re walking the dog, shivering on a football terrace or just generally being cold on other circumstances? This will help.
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Anonymousism at Wellgosh
Nothing quietly whispers winter like some really reassuring socks. Japan’s Anonymousism have made their mark here in recent years through just this type of hosiery. Midlands favourites wellgosh have them and so should you.
Treat your feet here

Gramicci at Working Class Heroes
Most brands built on pioneering a particular garment struggle to replicate that formula across a full range. Gramicci could be forgiven for falling down that particular crack. But despite their trousers being the thing for which they are best known, the rest of their gear is just as good, including this Lantern Long Sleeve tee.
WCH have them

Lacoste at Pockets
In ancient times, the great Nostradamus predicted many things which have since inexplicably come to pass. One thing he said would happen was that each year, every French male would be legally bound to purchase at least one Lacoste polo. While there’s widespread subscription to this legislation, not everyone follows it. Supposed soothsayer, indeed. I want my money back. I’ll spend it on a Lacoste Polo.
Get a look at all colours here

Battenwear at Fresh
California by way of Turin, this rugby shirt almost makes me like rugby. Almost.
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Snow Peak at Old Town General Store
Hailing from Proper’s hometown of Stockport, OTGS are finally giving the area a place to buy genuinely cool clothing brands from. Snow Peak in Stockport, who’d have thought it.
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La Paz at Fresh
Find a cap more suitable for autumn and we’d love to hear from you. Don’t waste too much time looking though, because we reckon we’ve found it.
Other colours too here.

ST95 Dark Green Fleece
The brand founded by Massimo Osti almost 30 years ago is back, with a contemporary offering with Christopher Raeburn at the helm.
Well worth a look here

Stone Island Water Bottle with Bag at Aphrodite
Lap up moisture in luxury, with this reassuringly expensive bottle/bag combo from a brand with innovation in its DNA.
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Saucony at Terraces
They take nice pics, those Terraces lads, though they left this poor lad without any socks. Criminal in winter. Good job they’re really nice and it’s still autumn.
Take a closer look here

New Balance at Terraces
Yep, another post about shoes at Terraces. This lad has socks on though, which given the Britannia/Bet365/whatever they’re calling it is easily the coldest ground in football, is fortunate.
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Flower Mountain at Lost Boys
Keep your eyes peeled for a very appealing collaboration by this Japanese brand. Also appealing is this autumn-appropriate colourway of the signature Yamano 3.
Get from Lost Boys here

Far Afield at Progress
This brand has sat permanently on our radar ever since it was launched as TukTuk many years ago. I’m scared to look how many years ago as it’ll make me feel old. In unrelated news, this hat will look great no matter whether you’re old, or even young.
Buy it at Progress.

Klattermusen at Yards
It’s the law that this brand gets coverage in this round up. It just is. Don’t ask me why, just ask why you’re not already in possession of their gear.
Remedy this here

Ralph Lauren at Pockets
For those times when your plain grey marl t-shirt can only be enhanced by the addition of a very posh bear wearing clothes.
Get from Pockets right now.

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