Proper Picks – September 2023

Mizuno Contender Sneaker
Just in time for the sun stubbornly sticking around, comes this delightful colourway in Mizuno’s impressive Contender sneaker.
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C.P. Company Regular Fit Stretch Sateen Pants
The rise in popularity of C.P. Company this last 5 years is testament to the course plotted by Massimo Osti’s son Lorenzo, who wanted to connect it with its working class roots. A brief look around at the terraces of any UK stadium will see inroads have been made to an impressive degree.
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Clarks Originals Wallabee Cup Maple Check
We’d normally be writing phrases like ‘Check yourself’ about these but to do so would be frivolous and unbecoming of us, for this chunky-soled Wallabee Cup is exactly what your mates wouldn’t wear until you wear them. Then they’ll follow you and pretend that time they said they weren’t very nice was a big misunderstanding.
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Maharishi 9737 Micro Torch
Make like a Private Detective or perhaps just a very practical human being with a penchant for cool brands, and add this torch to your everyday carry.
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Carhartt WIP Alberta Cap Cypress
Look, it’s all well and good telling us the hot weather makes this hat unnecessary right now but you’ll be the one complaining when it goes dead cold in about three weeks.
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Carhartt WIP Short Sleeve Heart T-Shirt
Another Carhartt t-shirt. Yep. We write about these a lot. And what?
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Saucony Shadow 5000
Looking like a 90s shoe made from Caramac and space technology, this smooth version of the Shadow 5000 is a seasonal standout from Saucony.
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Napapijri S-Telemark 1 T-Shirt
Known ostensibly for their very impressive hooded smock range, Napapijri do a very attractive line in tees too.
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Pretty Green Acquiesce Jacket Camo
Despite its rock star founder no longer having much to do with it, Pretty Green still do some very good outerwear.
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Foret Carbon Sweatshirt
How nice is this? Lovely outdoor-themed garms from Foret make the world feel like a nicer place.
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Stan Ray Painters Shirt
Proper workwear/military vibes here from a brand very much in the ascendancy. Stan Ray are a year-round staple in our eyes.
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Nigel Cabourn x Timex Unwashed Army Strap Watch
If you’re the type to think of watches when young people talk about TikTok, this is defo for you.
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Snow Peak Land Station T-Shirt
Not known for notable branding, Snow Peak have excelled themselves a bit here. Nice font, that.
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Mephisto Rainbow Brown
There’s something about these brown Rainbows, their sole and that green branding that makes us think of a rich, mint-choc-chip ice cream, which can’t possibly be a bad thing can it?
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Cotopaxi Hielo Cooler Bag
Ok so we’re not far off autumn now, but you know what, the most savvy amongst us buy things when everyone else doesn’t and consequently bags a bargain once in a while. You can do that with this, and keep it not for a rainy day, but a sunny one.
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