Proper’s Pre-Xmas Gift Guide

Klattermusen Algir Bag at Wellgosh
Hand bag, man bag, Sacoche. Call it whatever you like, it’s a very good vessel in which to convey your personal items from one place to another. And it’s Klattermusen, so you know you’re at the zeitgeist of outdoor gear.
Wellgosh have it here

Elmer Gloves at This Thing of Ours
A few brands try their hand at gloves, but it always seems to be left to experts like Elmer to do the job properly. These are proper snowball throwing gloves for the coldest point of the year.
See more here

Carhartt WIP Cold Incense Burner at Aphrodite
Imagine this on your mantlepiece this Christmas, next to the four Christmas cards you get from those unwilling to give up the tradition. Not particularly festive but it’s defo seasonally appropriate.
Get one at Aphrodite

Jason Markk Hat Care Kit at Wellgosh
Not content with keeping your footwear in fine fettle, Jason Markk are back with something to help you stay ahead with hats.
Headwear Cleaner here

Studio Arhoj Crystal Blob at Goodhood
This is on the shelf in your study, standing proudly as a symbol that you’ve done well enough in life to have a room called a study, but you’re not so stiff that you’ve lost your sense of fun.
Get one here

Aesop Industrious Hand Care at End Clothing
Your Dad would go mental if you bought him this for Christmas but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t secretly enjoy it. Why can’t a modern man look after his hands? Come on lads, sort it out.
End have this stuff

Wanderlust Europe at Gestalten
You know that shelf in your study we mentioned further up? It’s got this on it.
Grab one here

Gramicci Adjustable Mountain Fleece Mask
Your festive frolic up a moderately difficult hill will only be enhanced by the presence of this curious half hat, half balaclava creation.
Give Gramicci a whirl

Kavu Crackitopen Bottle Opener at Parasol Store
OK, not everyone uses the festive period as an excuse to drink their bodyweight in alcohol, but for those who do indulge in this age-old pastime, some will want to asset a measure of their overall cool levels by opening their bottle with something branded and nice. This is ideal for those people.
Crack open with Kavu

Carhartt New Tools Glass Mug at Wellgosh
Echoing the brand’s workwear roots, this New Tools mug from Carhartt is the kind of thing the big boss on site would drink his Irish coffee from.
Hard hat not required

Stussy Helvetica Socks at Wellgosh
Christmas would cease to be Christmas if we weren’t permitted to purchase hosiery for each other. In acknowledgement to this fact, Stussy’s Helvetica socks are an apt problem solver.
Get them here

Carhartt WIP Happy Script Mug at Aphrodite
Our second drinking vessel from Carhartt in this list earns its place because it’s just really nice and we don’t feel we have to justify its inclusion any further TBQHWY.
Get it here

Roa Hiking Tech Knit Neckwarmer at This Thing of Ours
There’s a theme developing in this list. There’s stuff for sitting on your sofa and stuff for doing the opposite this Yuletide. This Roa Hiking Neckwarmer is the latter. Well, unless you’re in the habit of dressing like a future Special Forces guy while watching Christmas Gavin and Stacey.
Get it here

General Admission Tiki Shot Glass at Wellgosh
That reference to drinking is back, this time via a Tiki Shot Glass that looks suitably weird. Is that a face? Looks like a man made out of orange ice. Dunno. Better than drinking it out of that little cup you got from Woolworths in 1997
Get it

Fjallraven Expedition Cap at Oi Polloi
Oh look, we’re back outdoors again. The sartorial smartness that comes with a flap cap like this cannot b underestimated. It makes you look like you’re on some kind of serious outdoor patrol business, even if you’re not, and you’re just taking the dog out to do its own business.
Get ahead here

The North Face Fleece Gloves at Aphrodite
Few brands are able to retain genuine outdoor credentials while also crossing over into mainstream fashion popularity. TNF lead the way in that, so you’re safe in buying these gloves that’ll help you look good and stay snug.
Avoid Frozen Fingers here

General Admission Cactus Glass at Wellgosh
Ok so we’ve already included a shot glass version of this but not everyone likes that sort of thing so here’s another option. Probs best to buy tbqhwy.
Get it here, right now

Nanga Eco Bag at Oi Polloi
This tabard shaped eco bag takes inspiration from the ancient dinnerladies of Kyoto, whose elegance is noted in 17th century Japanese literature. It’s not really. This is a very sturdy yet light bag that packs down into a tiny little ball when you need it to.
Get one here

Kavu Kachemak Keeper Bag at Kavu.co.uk
Try saying Kavu Kachemak Keeper after a couple too many snowballs and watch as your Christmas companions crease up on the floor holding their stomachs. You’ll have the last laugh though because you’re the only one who knows what a Kavu Kachemak Keeper is, because after clicking on the link below, you’ll be the proud owner of one.
Get it here

Sex Skateboards Socks at Wellgosh
Make your 6 year old Nephew go red then giggle, by buying yourself some of these.
Rude socks here

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