Psychedelic Discounts at Yards Store

Look: it’s no secret that we are, or at least are seriously affiliated with, Hikerdelic. Proper Mag is the lifestyle magazine that guides you from the peak to the precinct. Because of that, we don’t like to bang on about Hikerdelic too much, because then you’ll get it from every angle. But, importantly, we care about you, which is why we’re promoting Hikerdelic, not because we want to make a buck, but because we’re helping you save one: there’s a significant Hikerdelic sale at Yards Store and we want you to be in the know. 

Yards Store are good friends of ours and they’ve discounting our clothes (which, in a roundabout way, is rather rude – but that’s retail for you). You can pick up some of our favourite bits, such as the striped lilac long sleeve, the corduroy trousers with built in belt, and a range of t-shirts for cheap. 

If you aren’t after a bargain, there’s a whole range of Hikerdelic’s smocks, track jackets, and other whimsical printed pieces that summarise the affinity we have for both the rural and the rave, at Yards Store.

Hikerdelic at Yards Store.

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