Publish Spring 2013

Publish is an American brand I first spotted via my instagram feed.

Sorry, let me just readjust myself, that opening sentence was pure melv wasn’t it? I’m not wearing a dickie bow or owt, let me start again.

I like Publish clothing. I became aware of it late last year (yeah, on instagram) and got in touch to see if we could feature it in Issue 13. We never quite managed to pull it together due to timing and resources and other boring stuff, but that didn’t stop me liking what they do.

So with that in mind, how about you feast your peepers on their new stuff for Spring? It might still be timber shivering weather out there but the sun is starting to rise from its slumber and it’s a matter of time before we start seeing some pillock wearing flip flops – always a sign that summer is coming, if only for about 4 days.

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Mark Smith

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