Puma Revives the Timeless Colibri OG

Named using the Spanish word for ‘hummingbird’ Puma’s Colibri OG was first made in Yugoslavia, a limited-edition shoe that was only available for one season in 1979. Now though, it returns looking just as fresh as ever as Puma continue delving into the past to shape their present.

The shoe itself features a colorful appearance with a contrasted upper and formstrip and like most sports shoes back then, was made with purpose in mind. Though some sports footwear was built specifically for an individual sport, the Colibri was made for a variety of sports, adding appeal and increasing its wearability. 

Like all the best things, the Colibri burnt brightly but briefly, disappearing from Puma’s offering post-1980, but as with anything that boasts a classic design, it looks just as good more than 40 years after it first appeared.

Take a closer look at the Puma Colibri OG at END. Clothing, here.

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