Puma’s G-Vilas Special is a Court Classic


Puma worked with tennis pros as early as 1962, when their short-lived partnership with Wilhelm Bungert produced one of the first ever shoes made specifically for tennis. Puma continued to pioneer partnerships with sports stars of the day, next tieing up a relationship with Sylvia Hanika

As the new generation emerged in the 1980s, Argentinian clay court specialist Guillermo Vilas became a mainstay in the Puma stable. Though his prominence and success were obvious pluses for the partnership, what aided this more than anything was the design of the G Vilas Specia shoe.

Noticeably different from the footwear that preceded it, the G Vilas was of the moment and used materials and processes that were new at the time.

This was an era when the options of sports shoes as fashion statement became widespread. Back in the UK, the mass gatherings at which to show off one’s sartorial superiority were the football terraces and the G Vilas found favour.

As one of the key Puma terrace styles of the 1980s, it’s a shoe that possesses an aesthetic that continues to endure.

This year, Puma has decided to celebrate the G Vilas Special with the most faithful re-release yet. Starting with the crisp and clean colourway, it’s a timeless reminder of Puma’s position as one of the most innovative and progressive sportswear brands the world has ever seen.

Take a closer look at the GV Special here.

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