Purple Mountain Observatory brings nature to life for SS24

Most outdoor brands talk of the influence of nature, and while that’s always relevant, it’s often pretty subtle. That can be said of the latest offering from Carrier Goods aka Purple Mountain Observatory. The tasteful tones in this range take inspiration from the ocean’s stark landscapes, icy terrain, and the mad smoky pigments thrown up by more sandy territory. It makes for a collection of outdoor-appropriate gear that’ll serve you well in most climates, without costing you brewsters.

Here in the Proper Jacket Appreciation Society (which isn’t a real thing but should be) the consensus is this is their best offering yet. Hero pieces come in the shape of seriously eye-catching outerwear that won’t break the bank yet creates an impact on a par with brands who charge north of £500 for a jacket.

You’re not here to read what we think though, there are pictures below from which to form your own opinion. If you don’t like it, however, we probably don’t like you.

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