Purple Mountain Observatory Drops AW23

Just two years in, Carrier Goods aka Purple Mountain Observatory are making waves, and not just in the lake they shot this lookbook in.

The name change was a necessity, as is often the case when newly formed brands who begin to get attention. It’s happened with a few we’ve written about and it’s probably a good sign.

For their first season fully under the PMO moniker, the brand takes a Guatemalan volcano for its muse, and indeed hues.

The familiar fusing of street and mountain aesthetics is present once again, but in colours inspired by Volcán de Fuego, a busy peak in the central American nation, which is known for its almost constant low level activity. Rarely does it erupt to an alarming level but rarely is it quiet. You could find a metaphor for PMO there if you really wanted to, but we won’t. We’ll just tell you to check their website out and buy yourself something nice. That’s what it’s all about really.

New website is here

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