Rab Kinder Smock

In the midst of hurricane Brian last week a discussion came about with the coat cognoscenti on the CasualCo message board asking about the best smocks out there and so I decided to add my two penneth worth by suggesting the Rab Kinder smock. As an owner of one (and several other smocks I might add) I’m confident that it’s definitely got a place in the ‘Smock & Roll Hall of Fame’.  A familiar favourite amongst the Gristone climbing scene in the Peak District, this down-filled, belay friendly beauty has been helping keep climbers warm for well over 30 years. Though the kudos of the Kinder transcends it’s practical uses and has also come to represent much more than just a nice bit of kit. It’s an icon in wearable sleeping bag form that’s looked upon with fondness by anybody who’s ever owned one. In fact anyone who has ever owned one is likely to still own one given how reliably durable their Pertex construction is. So whether you’re avoiding hypothermia on your way home from a rave or stopping for a brew and a bsicuit between bouldering sessions, the Kinder is a bonafide smock classic. Look at that vintage badge on it too, it’s  absolutely rabulous isn’t it?

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