RÆBURN Sale Selects

Christopher Raeburn’s mantlepiece much ache under the weight of all those awards he keeps winning.

His list of accolades is extensive and for someone notably tall he seems to occupy an awful lot of shortlists.

Having populated his CV by working extensively with the world’s most celebrated brands, Chris’s own brand continues to thrive. Uncompromising at a time when business is tougher and more testing than ever, the Raeburn brand does more than most to ensure the products they release are the most responsibly made they can be.

They are however, still in the business of clothing people of a certain discerning taste and as such, we thought it’d be prescient to bring your attention to the fact there are some splendid bargains to be had over at the Raeburn website.

A sample of our own highlights is below, including a couple of items created in unison with Timberland.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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