Rambling for a Riot

I have become a walker. A rambler if you will.

This fate has befallen me out of desire for an item of clothing. A Berghaus Riot Jacket in ‘Goldenrod’ yellow.

Well, you would wouldn’t you?

I was told I could get said item provided I commit to a new life of ‘Sunday Walks’ taking in the best that our fair isles have to offer. The wife was quite clear though. No walks, no coat. So I bought it and I agreed to go on my first walk. Up Pendle and, to be more specific, the ‘Pendle Way’ taking in Barlow and Ogden Reservoir.

Sunday was our first trip out and, as an avid Bear Grylls/Bruce Parry/Ray Mears fan, I live by the mantra that you can never be too prepared. So, with that in mind I went to Millets and picked up a snazzy Berghaus vacuum flask in the sale, a compass and an Ordinance Survey map. A quick scout of TK-Maxx also yielded a nice Lowe-Alpine micro-fleece. Sorted. Sunday morning arrived and all of the above was packed into a fairly basic Karrimor rucksack along with some Raisins (in case we became stranded), some bottled water (for replenishment), some leather gloves (for warmth), my camera (for documentation) and a bin bag (for sitting on should we choose to have an impromptu hot chocolate at the summit).

The walk starts in the village of Barlow and takes you up the steep sided rocky steps of Pendle Hill leading to the summit. Pendle Hill is 1 foot short of a mountain. I was not aware of this until I was about 1/3rd of the way up it. Once you eventually trek your way to the top of the hill you descend to Ogden Reservoir, passed bemused sheep, before finishing off in Barlow village again.

For those of you inexperienced walkers I’d offer up the following advice. Avoid cheap rucksack covers. They leak. Avoid wearing Leather gloves. They get sodden. Avoid forgetting your waterproof pants. My Gap Khaki’s suffered. Avoid cheap waterproof pants. The missus’ did not work. Avoid cheap jackets. The missus’ did not work. Wear a hat. These issues have hopefully been arrested now with the purchase of a North Face for the Wife, a Berghaus hat and a couple of pairs of waterproof gloves.

K2 beckons.


Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.


  1. nice work.i started doing this,albeit behind enemy lines(wales),by climbing pen y fan in january,the highest point in southern britain at 890 odd mtr.
    it was nice to get a load of mountaineering kit on(rohan tundra,north face hat/gloves,timberlands etc),and actually enjoy the great outdoors.
    in two weeks im off to county mayo and connemara to continue these jaunts,by climbing croagh patrick,diamond hill and hopefully nephin.

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