Ready For Pop (Knockabout)


It’s been a while since I dropped some comic book science on here so have a browse at one of the latest publications from the always excellent Knockabout. Albeit presented in a very Mod-ish monotone Ready For Pop is a Psychedelic whodunnit that reads like cult film Performance acted out by the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. The story revolves around pop sensation Vic Vox who has been mysteriously shrunk to thimble size and the race to find the hoods behind this dastardly diminishing deed as well as the race to find an antidote in time for Vic’s appearance on Saturday night’s TV show ‘Ready For Pop’. Created by the talented/twisted mind of Hurk it’s quirky and compelling in equal measure and in all likelihood quite unlike anything else that you’ve ever read before. Fans of Viz, Gilbert Shelton, the Rolling Stones and experimental drugs should all find something to enjoy here.

Buy a copy here and get Scotland Yardie whilst you’re there too.

CHAPTER 5 4 copy

chapter 7 2 copy


chapter 7 3


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