Reebok at Number Six London

It’s the summer of sneakers isn’t it?

Sorry I’ll start that again. I said ‘sneakers’. I mean, it’s ok if other people want to refer to training footwear as such but I’m 35 in a couple of months, and I reside in the north of England. If I called a pair of these Reeboks ‘sneakers’ I’d probably get my chin kicked off, or at the very last be met with a “What? Sneakers? No, sorry son you’ve gone” type response.

So yeah, it’s the summer of trainers, even if that’s less alliterative.

I can’t remember a day since April where a pair of trainers haven’t been on my feet. Adidas are hinting at a return to favour in our house,  but it’s mostly been various strains of Nike, New Balance, Saucony. Reebok have been conspicuous by their absence, until now. I’m not one of those sneakerhead types (as we’ve established) but I distinctly remember everyone apart from toerags stopping wearing Reebok round ours, roughly about the time Ryan Giggs donned their football boots. Funny that.

The recent Palace collaboration saw my trainer radar get a bit of a semi-on and although I couldn’t quite square away the printed laces in the end, I appreciated them nonetheless.

Number Six London have got a nice selection of regular Reeboks. I think I’m going to get some when I get paid.

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Mark Smith

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  1. Top brown ones were £15 quid in m and m discount catalogue for years!!!

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