Reebok Aztec OG Trainers

Back when your Dad (ok, maybe your Grandad) was born, trainers were to be worn for sport and the comfort we take for granted today could only be attained while wearing slippers, or something.

In the years since then, the lineage of sports footwear has become richer than Donald Trump, though obviously far easier to stomach, not to mention better looking. Perhaps the most romantic staging post in the story of sports footwear is the very late 70s and the very early 80s. In the case of the Reebok Aztec, let’s pinpoint it as 1979. I didn’t celebrate my first birthday until the latter part of that year and I’m pretty old now. Got white flecks in my hair coming through and everything. My pleas to the barber during a recent haircut for him to “just cut the white ones” fell on deaf yet amused ears.

1979 is a long time ago. It’s testament to the design classic that is the Reebok Aztec then, that they look fresh and cool 37 years later. Following up on the striking blue/red/yellow colourway, which probably had far more exciting names for those colours, Infinities have got a couple of new versions in. One is a straightforward black/blue/red while the other is more imaginatively titled Alabaster, as opposed to the off-white/light grey they could just as easily be described as.

I wore just a t-shirt on my short bicycle ride to work today. That means the weather is nice, and you need some new trainers. The Reebok Aztec OG is a good place to start.

reebok-aztec-og-trainers-alabaster-p108248-67449_image reebok-aztec-og-trainers-alabaster-p108248-67450_image reebok-aztec-og-trainers-alabaster-p108248-67451_image reebok-aztec-og-trainers-black-blue-red-p108249-67452_image reebok-aztec-og-trainers-black-blue-red-p108249-67453_image reebok-aztec-og-trainers-black-blue-red-p108249-67454_image

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