Reebok Kendrick Lamar Classic Leather Perfect Split

Got a pair of these last week. By chance, I took delivery of them in the company of my 60 year old father.

Reebok” he nodded, sagely.

“Yep, Kendrick Lamar’s put his name on them” I replied, knowing my Dad wouldn’t have a clue who Kendrick Lamar was.

“A rapper. He’s a rapper, Dad” I continued.

“Oh I don’t like all that. It’s just shouting over a beat. Not real music” he countered.

I rolled my eyes, but as a 37 year old father of three, this level of out-of-touch-ness is in the post for me. It’ll happen soon enough. I’m already getting my 13 year old telling me “You just don’t get it Dad”. Coming home with these countered that view somewhat.

I did briefly consider if I’m just too old to wear some classic footwear endorsed by a contemporary musician. But I’m not. Not yet. At the end of the day, no matter whose name is on them, they’re just a really nice pair of trainers. And while I’d have to admit I prefer the work of Mark Lamarr, his brother from another mother Kendrick is still pretty sound too, as are these trainers.

Get them at JD.

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Mark Smith

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