Reebok Ventilator

Runners of the world unite and take over, it’s time we all tossed away our trendy bicycles and pounded the streets. Running is the new jogging.

Ok then, walking quite fast is the new jogging.

Ok then, meandering to the shops for some bacon. That’s the new jogging.

And if that’s what you call exercise, then we’ve found the ideal shoe to do it in.

The Reebok Ventilator will be available soon at both Size and Offspring. They get their name from their airy construction which means if you’ve got particularly sweaty plates of meat (no, not that bacon, it’s rhyming slang) then these are of special interest to you. Even if you’re normal, who doesn’t want a pair of technically brilliant shoes that also look cooler than an Inuit in a deep freeze?

I’m well getting some, me.



Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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