Reebok Workout Plus

Don’t pretend you’ve not noticed.

These things come in cycles don’t they? People like one thing, then everyone else gets onto it, so they move onto the next thing. That next thing is – once again – proper white trainers. Specifically Reebok Classics.

The fanfare surrounding the reissue of adidas Stan Smiths (Stanfare? No? Ok) resonated all over the show, even with that Rihanna who all the kids like.

But the Real Lads are taking it a step further. Reebok Classics are bad lads shoes aren’t they? They just are. We all know this. From pub nuisances to uber-scalls, the Reebok Classic is your archetypal naughty boy shoe. There’s an uncommon romance in that, though it’s not cool to admit. Try it in your local, you’ll get glassed off a Paul Calf type, who will probably then run off dead quickly, wearing a pair of ice white Classics. And for a brief moment you’ll wish you were him.

The 90s toerag scene may have claimed the Classic as their own but one brief period doesn’t define a brand that has been going since Victorian times. They made their name creating sports footwear well before anyone else did, including some of the more favoured names.

Each generation takes what went before and puts their own spin on it. Now’s the time for Reebok to step up again (subtle pun there) and take its place with a new crowd of appreciators. Like you.

Get on them here.

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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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  1. Mr Brown

    That fella of a certain age. Same breakfast in the same cafe. Everyday. Same table. He makes sure everything’s straightened up when he sits down.
    Always Reebok, not new but always in shape. Stone washed jeans. Daz fresh.
    Fresh air’s got it’s upside but you can’t deny the comfort of order and routine.

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