Reebok x Garbstore Pump Collection – Commuter Pack


Now, this stuff by Reebok and Garbstore really is tremendous. It’s all very well reaching back into the 80s and 90s to rehash not-forgotten-classics, but taking the technology and applying it to something new is what it’s all about.

When the Pump thing was launched back at the arse end of the 80s, it was a bit of a game changer. And now, in partnership with Garbstore, they’re applying it to the Commuter Pack for SS17.

The Commuter Jacket features a liner which they call the bladder. This can be inflated in a couple of ways to suit whatever it is you’re up to, whether you’re sitting on a cramped train or comfortably cruising down the street (in your ’64). The jacket can be worn without the bladder inserted, serving as a shell to protect against general inclement weather.

As if this isn’t enough, there’s a backpack too, which has all the luxury you’d expect from something build for every day travel, but with a different take on comfort. Things haven’t moved on that much since the 70s when it comes to making a backpack that keeps the weight evenly distributed, but with the addition of Pump technology on the straps, maybe it’s about to change?

Either way this gear all drops imminently (tomorrow, if you’re reading this just after it was posted) on 8th Feb. You’re gonna want to get some aren’t you?

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