Rohan AW12 Glacier Shoot

I’ve got this theory that the same thing that attracted us to play with Action Men and other slightly butch, Alpha-Male type toys when we were younger is the same strand of DNA which sets our sights on dressing like mountaineers, explorers and general tough guys. It’d be a bit weird to continue the obsession with eagle-eyed male dolls (though it doesn’t stop me) so our outlet as adults is instead to pretend our trip to the all night garage for some long life milk is actually worthy of wrapping up. “I’m just going to the Texaco, love. I’ll be back in a bit” is the modern day wannabe explorer version of Oates’ “I’m just going out and may be some time”.

It naturally follows then, that some of the brands we’re into have that same appreciation. Dressing like you’re going on an expedition in brands that take inspiration from that particular sphere but let’s face it, wouldn’t be remotely suitable  if you were caught short up a dead big hill with no signal on your phone and just kendal mint cake crumbs to suck on.

Check the websites of the usual suspects and there’s a fine array of autumn/winter clobber superbly suited to drinking coffee out of a dead small cup outside a trendy cafe. Loads of clothes that are ideal for you smugly slurping a soupçon of something that doesn’t necessarily begin with a ‘s’.

What I’m leading up to of course is to talk about a brand which ticks both boxes. Rohan is a rare breed. Fuss free and devoid of pretention that it’s anything other than an English outdoor brand steeped in its own history. It’s a coincidence that it also looks dead smart.

With that in mind, they’ve done this ace shoot to showcase all their Autumn/Winter stuff. If you want to avoid shivering like a dog doing its dirty business, look no further.

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