Rohan Daybreak Jacket

The nights are drawing in, our fingers and hovering over the central heating button and we’re about to launch headlong into that twice-yearly task of wardrobe re-evaluation. Put the short shorts at the back and bring the jackets to the fore. If you’re anything like us, the fickle finger of fashion dictates the ‘something old’ quota must be matched with something new.

With an eye on that imminent situation, how about a bit of future paninaro style from a brand you’d not expect it from?

Rohan are steeped in British outdoors history so if you’re looking to compliment your slick sideparting and sunglasses combo with some sleeping bag steez, they might not be a name that jumps to attention. But this is like Moncler meets Mount Snowdon. Form follows function and all that jazz.

The fact it shares a name with the most Hikerdelic of Stone Roses tracks is just a bonus.

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