Rohan Nightfall Jacket

No, not Skyfall, I said Nightfall. This isn’t another boring James Bond article. We’d not have anything like that on here because:-

a) It’s mostly a site about nice clothes and shoes and…
b) James Bond is well babyish. Well apart from his gadgets. They’re alright. Technology is good.

That takes me nicely onto this jacket. See that, seamless.  Unlike the Rohan Nightfall jacket which has seams all over the place. They serve both to hold the jacket in shape and also keep in some European goose down with a measured fill power of 800+. Not totally sure what that means but it makes it sound like something Bond would wear while chasing a villain on some skis.

We’re told 800+ is realistically the best that’s commercially available and practically usable. It’s the tipping point at which warmth and weight converge.

If you want to know more about the construction, well keep reading. The shell is as hardwearing as you’ll need but, at only 28gsm, incredibly light polyamide which is also has a water repellent finish. It’s not water or rain proof in the truest sense of the word, but the finish on the polyamide will keep you dry enough to ensure you find some suitable shelter. And obviously because it’s so light, you’ll dry out quicksmart.

Other features include an insulated hood which adjusts with a One-Pull™ system for a nice, close fit. It’s also completely removable giving you the option to save weight in the mountains or smarten up the jacket’s appearance round town.

The full-length front zip features an anti-snag strip and a comfortable throat guard.

The two large front pockets are zipped and fleece lined for cosy, hand-warming comfort.

The large zipped inside pocket offers plenty of storage capacity and doubles as a Packpocket™ into which the whole jacket packs for convenient stowage and transportation. It features an integral snap hook for easy attachment.

The hem adjusts with easy-grab puller to fine-tune the fit and seal in the warmth.

Fabric: 100% polyamide with DWR™ outer, 100% polyamide lining with 800+ fill power premium goosedown fill.
Weight: 560g
Pack Size: 2300ml

I hope you’re writing all this down. There will be a test at the end. There won’t really.

This to me looks like the perfect 80s casual winter wear but for 2012 and beyond. Techie meets terraces. Or summat.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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