Rohan Pinnacle Jacket

Rohan had enjoyed a quiet appreciation amongst the discerning dresser community for a long time, but aside from the odd collaboration (e.g the one they did with Nigel Cabourn a few years back before Cabourmania swept the world) they’ve concentrated on doing what they’re good at. Making genuinely good outdoor clothing. It’s that reputation that attracted the likes of 6876 to work with the brand in the forthcoming link up.

Our mucker Dan recently did one of the best blog posts we’ve ever seen on Rohan, check it out…

Read that rather than listen to us. He covers it better.

Once you’ve done that, check out the Rohan Pinnacle jacket here. It’s another of those classic outerwear pieces, made from Rohan’s very own Barricade fabric it is designed to operate dynamically and responds to your body temperature and the humidity of the surrounding environment. Basically, the steamier it gets inside, the more vapour escapes – keeping you comfortable in a much wider range of conditions.

It’s just good wearable gear, fit for purpose and on a par with the more trendier/edgier brands like Patagonia.

See for more.

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