Ronnie Fieg x Clae Bradley

My 13 year old recently recounted a tale of a teacher to me. He was wearing what were deemed to be unsuitable shoes for school. “Would you wear them for a job interview?” she demanded of him. Pondering on the question momentarily, he eventually answered in the affirmative. “You wouldn’t get the job though!” she responded.

What world do these people live in? Sure, if you’re after an apprenticeship (or whatever they call them now) at an accountancy firm or perhaps you’re after selling made-to-measure suits to posh types, maybe sturdy, formal footwear is the one. But it’s 2016 isn’t it? Did men die in the trainer wars of the 1980s and 90s for this?

Thankfully, with the advent of smart, grown up, austere trainers we can tiptoe the line between smart and casual. We can confidently stride into the office wearing shoes with sport in their DNA and not get a written warning and a flea in our ear.

And with Ronnie Fieg and Clae, the Bradley shoe has hit bullseye with a comfortable looking shoe which you could probably play tennis in then go to a family christening without the need for a footwear pit stop.

Quite apart from the world which exists in the crazed catacombs of my mind, these are just a genuinely nice item of footwear, considered and cool. There are only 200 pairs worldwide, which by my reckoning makes a total of 400 shoes. That’s pretty limited isn’t it? They went on sale at Kith NYC last weekend and there will be some available from Offspring Selfridges, London later this month.

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