Rugged Totes from Epperson Mountaineering

Celebrating its 50th year, Epperson Mountaineering brings a hard-wearing and rugged quality to everyday, infinitely usable bags.

Founded in 1973 by Mark Epperson, in Montana Epperson Mountaineering was born out of its founder’s vision for something pretty exact and to his own spec. This was in an era where outdoor gear was just as likely to have been made by the wearer as it was bought off the shelf.

As Epperson’s popularity grew, demand outstripped supply and Mark trained artisan pack makers to create Epperson Mountaineering backpacks for local people and consumers from around the world.

This practice remains to this day, with expert makers building each pack and bag from the finest materials. Arguably their finest bag is their robust take on the traditional tote bag, now available in four colours.

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