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It’s not the law that we always use puns in our articles, but it may as well be. So when we decided to embrace autumn and start writing about stuff that’ll help you be seasonally snug, the phrase ‘blanket coverage’ briefly made us smirk. When writing about such a product there could only be one brand we’d shine a light on, and that’s Rumpl.

Founded via an overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter campaign, Rumpl make blankets that take the traditional sleeping bag as inspiration. Not sure about you, but the one thing that always frustrates me about sleeping bags is how restrictive they are. Sometimes you just want to spread out a bit don’t you? I digress.

Rumpl make their blankets fromĀ 100% post-consumer recycled materials, recycling over 5 million discarded plastic bottles through their supply chain each and every year. They also donate 1% of all revenue to environmental non-profits through the 1% For the Planet campaign. Not only that, they’re climate neutral, indeed they’re certified as such. In March 2021, Rumpl officially became a certified B Corporation. With all that in mind, it’s fair to say they’re adding to the world, not taking away.

With all the metaphorical boxes ticket in terms of the environment, what about the actual products? Well, having sampled a couple of Rumpls (try saying that after a few campfire cans) I can tell you they’re great. Lightweight, comfortable, warm and crucially for the show-offs amongst us, eminently instagrammable, Rumpl’s blankets come in patterns inspired by all manner of things, mainly the great outdoors.

Even if you don’t plan to wake up on a crisp autumnal morning on a big hill somewhere, these are a great addition to any Sunday afternoon sluggish sofa sit down.

How’s that for blanket coverage?

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