S.E.H. Kelly Competition, win a Ventile jacket! COMPETITION CLOSED – Well done to Richard McLaws!


As if the news of our new issue arriving this month wasn’t good enough for you, we’re now giving you the chance to win an exceptionally beautiful piece of outerwear care of our very good friends at S.E.H. Kelly! Up for grabs this time is their new weather-proof jacket which Paul from S.E.H Kelly informs us …

It’s a four-button Ventile jacket with a detachable peaked hood. We call it the “four-button Ventile jacket with a detachable peaked hood“. Everyone knows Ventile cotton was invented in 1930s Manchester. Weatherproof and hydrophobic, it was very popular back then because it extended the life-expectancy of the bloke wearing it, were he to find himself submerged in sub-zero waters. Impressive. We’ve added to that the element of disguise: a detachable peaked hood with two-button chin-guard fastening.”






 For your chance to win one of these stunning jackets — in taupe or in navy blue — all you have to do is give us your funniest answer to the following …

 Ventile is all well and good — but if YOU invented a fabric, what would you call it and what would it do?

 You can answer by posting in the comments on this page (including your size and colour) or by tweeting the answer to @sehkelly and @propermag. The winner will be picked at the end of March.


  1. Straight Line 2

    Warrington Wire, a combination of proper wool and teflon that no shit sticks to.

    Xl in both/either.

  2. wool-lite – light weight wool to be worn during warmer times that has moisture wicking properties

    size small taupe

  3. Gor-eVent – Waterproof and windproof. It is also fire-proof, bullet proof, wards off evil spirits and vampires…. Its “magical” (Rolls eyes)

    Taupe-Grey size small please

  4. Thom Hadfield

    Coretage – a blend of cashmere and merino woven in traditional colours. A technical fabric designed to keep your core warm but with a nod to heritage in its execution.
    Taupe in Large please 🙂

  5. Shambray – This is a new material primarily aimed at the female demographic. Drawing inspiration from Massimo Osti’s pioneering surface treatment techniques, direct sunlight miraculously renders the Shambray material diaphanous. Pellucid. See through.

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