S.K. Manor Hill at Oi Polloi

After Oi Polloi loosely explained on their page that they’ve started stocking S.K. Manor, I had to follow it up with further research. It isn’t everyday that Oi Polloi brings in a new brand, and, importantly, it isn’t everyday that you find a brand that is stocked at Nepenthes New York, as well as a slew of Japan shops including BEAMS and Nanamica that was previously inaccessible in the UK. 

Enter Oi Polloi, pioneers of forward-thinking fashion, flattening the globe one brand at a time. 

So: S.K. Manor. Dominic Sondag, chief boss, founder, etc, once worked under Engineered Garment’s head-honcho Daiki Suzuki, the same guy who also happened to introduce Woolrich to Japan. (Japan’s fascination with Woolrich is unprecedented, so you can imagine the influence Suzuki has). 

Sondag trained in Florence, but now, after absorbing a wealth of Italy’s knowledge, is located in New York, where the brand is based. As you can expect, S.K. is big on functional, utilitarian design, but Sondag has a far more abstract vision. Natural materials, like bone or shell, make appearances on items, and collections draw inspiration from a variety of natural climates and resources. 

The latest collection – the bits you’ll find at Oi Polloi – breathes cleanliness and casual sophistication. It’s smart – like, you know, you could maybe pull it off at a job interview kind of smart – whilst holding down cozy with zero effort. A personal favourite of mine is the Park Shirt, which has been styled excellently above, with a blue colour gradient-fade that is cleaner than the fade my Kurdish barbour blesses me with. 

Browse the rest of the bits and get to know S.K. Manor at Oi Polloi. 

Pre some of the styling below.

S.K. Manor at Oi Polloi.

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