Sandqvist Alva Black Bag (and others)

At the minute, I choose to use a pretty stupid bag for carrying stuff to and from work. It’s a free, cream tote bag that my missus got from some course or other that she went to, and it says “BOOKS ARE MY BAG” on it, in bright orange letters.

I know. I’m a knob head.

Regardless, I do work with books all day, puns are funny and it actually looks decent. It is starting to matter though, now that I am having to carry loads more stuff to work, that a tote bag – or even my little Kanken – aren’t really up to the task of intensive, day-in-day-out, work carrying duties. Especially if you take as much to eat at dinner time as I do.

Thankfully, The Liquor Store have got some excellent bags in from Sandqvist. That ‘Alva‘ one is like something some lux-Goth commando would have worn on night operations in Norway during the early stages of WWII, before going to watch The Cure and not cry. Which is always a good thing.

The ‘Stig‘ is a yellow canvas fare that will fire up your rig to the point where you could almost legitimately describe it as ‘lit’. The drawstrings and statement colour make it a nice informal alternative to the others in stock, but it’s still got all the organised shit inside; such as a laptop sleeve and that.

A third and decidedly more grown up option is ‘Alex‘, which is available in a ‘cognac’ colour. Have you ever had cognac? It’s rank. But it is the kind of drink you have after a massive meal of chateaubriand and business deals, whilst smoking a fuck-off cigar once the women have pissed off. So for those kind of connotations to be used to describe such a cool looking messenger-come-briefcase, is a shrewd touch of seriousness, belying you’re carrying only a cuppa-soup and a bag of crisps in £265 worth of vegetable tanned leather.

I don’t even know why vegetable tanned leather is a good thing, but it should keep the vegans happy.

Good stuff.

Hit the link below the pics to see the full collection.

Alex1 Alex2 Alex3 Alex4 Alva1 Alva2 Stig1 Stig2

Sandqvist at The Liquor Store


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