Sandqvist SS16 Sage Green and Net Print

Sounding like a retro Scandinavian version of Rod, Jane and Freddy (ask your Dad if you’re under 21), this latest trio of lovely luggage from Sandqvist is all you need, no matter what the nature of your seasonal summertime sojourns.

Stig, Andy and Sonja are the monikers chosen for a sturdy bunch of bags, with each built for function and a specific purpose. The net print has me in mind of climbing fences as a kid, getting my new coat caught on the top. Eeeh, the 80s eh? Can’t go back. Can’t go back.

Get your hands on these from various Sandqvist retailers and etailers, as well as their own stores in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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