Sassafras Bud Breaker Jacket

I’m wearing a red Battenwear sweat today and IMVVHO it’s made me look around 14 months younger. With that in mind, I should probably embrace my inner Little Red Riding Hood, throw caution to the wind and head out into my back yard in one of these Sassafras jackets.

With all my favourite coats requiring some sort of lucrative but illegal side project to purchase, this isn’t that dear. Anything with a hood from Japan that’s south of the £300 mark will do for me.

They’ve got all manner of other items, all suitable for occupying your garden or just pretending to. Now that pretending to be a mountaineer isn’t quite as popular, I’m game for looking like I know my way around a rake. I was going to say something about towels and trowels but it’s nearly home time and I can’t quite connect the dots.

Here’s a photograph, in fact two photographs. I’m off to catch my train. All the best.

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Sassafras-300316-03-02 Sassafras-300316-03-03

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