Satisfy® Brings You Silvershell™ Modular Thermal Vest

Satisfy are all about helping you get the most out of your run, and with that in mind they’ve created a modular thermal vest to see you through all eventualities when out pounding the streets.

It might seem slightly facetious to reference Robocop in this article, but that’s just what we’re doing. It’s Proper, you don’t come here for technical deep dives. This looks very much like something designed in collaboration with Paul Verhoeven, but obviously, it’s a lot more impressive than that.

The SilverShell™ Modular Thermal Vest is a lightweight vest with a removable and packable Primaloft® insulation system providing optimal protection against cold and wind. Anyone who has braved the elements at this time of the year will attest to the harshness of the conditions and will welcome something as well-conceived as this.

Importantly, it looks great too, 80s movie references or otherwise.

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Mark Smith

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