Saucony at Oki-Ni

New year, new you?

Aren’t we all a bit over the hill to pretend yet another 1st of January will herald a new improved version of ourselves? Sorry to be a cynic but if you fancy losing some terry, or maybe adopting a more assertive attitude towards your divvy workmates, do it now. Don’t wait until January.

Likwise, if you fancy getting fitter for that marathon you intend on running before it’s too late, start running now. It might be cold, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

Alternatively, just carry on as normal.

Or maybe meet yourself halfway. Don’t go running but look like you do, with these various incarnations of Saucony at Oki-Ni. Trying saying that on New Years Day with a hangover.

Ranging from the affordable(ish) £70 up to their mad collab with White Mountaineering at around 3.5 times more, there’s something for everyone. Some have sizes sold out, others don’t. Do not dilly dally on these, buy them today.

Yours truly,
Life Coach of the month, Jelember 2012.

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