Saucony at The Great Divide

The Great Divide has been a regular port of call for me this last couple of months. I’ve had some cut price Saucony off them for one. A great shoe which has all the credibility of your Nike, your New Balance and of course your adidas but far less of the popularity that goes with those names. If you’re a bit of a yeti, you’re in luck, as their Master Control model has just size 11 left and at half price too. Ignore the fact Master Control sounds like an unreleased John Barnes rap or some sort of soft porn VHS, they’re Saucony shoes and I wore mine for five days (and about 20+ miles) around London and Brighton last week. Comfier than something really, really comfy.


In fact, if you’re feeling worthy of a proper treat you could get a pair of Jazz in the same size too.


Or indeed some Grid 9000. Every pair available in nothing but 11s. Almost enough to make me (size 10) grow my toe nails and wear some extra thick socks. Almost.


If you’re feeling flush and fancy something new and seasonal, there are a few other models to choose from too. Check em out. Those tan/green Grid 9000 look like something Robocop would wear to do the gardening in.


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