Saucony Originals ‘Running Man’ Pack

This is the second post in which I’ve referenced Arnold Schwarzenegger of late. But when Saucony decided to release a selection of sneakers called the ‘Running Man’ pack, they made it very hard for me not to connect the dots.

I really like Saucony. In this revival of runners, the famous names are blazing a trail and attracting the attention you’d expect. But in addition to their genuine running credentials, Saucony are happy to do their thing with minimum fuss. Collabs here and there, special packs. They’re the thinking man’s New Balance. And yet predictably, when on a trip into town recently, the Saucony count was very definitely up on my last trip. Not that I walk around with a notepad writing down the models of people’s footwear. I’m not one of those Trainerspotters.

I was wearing Saucony on that day too but mine were the nicest and to be honest, right now, that’ll do for me.

For UK stockists, get yourself to

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