Saucony Originals Sushi Pack

There’s something fishy going on here.

Right, now I’ve got the customary pun out of the way I can concentrate on the shoes. Or trainers, or sneakers, if you prefer. I like calling them shoes now. It’s my new thing. Sports shoes.

Anyway, I don’t like fish. It’s the way it looks at you without blinking. I can’t be eating something that stares at me, making me feel guilty, even if it tastes nice and is dead good for me. The next best thing for my health kick then, is a pair of sports shoes which reference raw fish. Not content with pretending to be a hiker, making out like I’m into surfing, giving the impression I’m a skater, and occasionally masquerading as a full on, top table hooligan, I’m now about to knock about like I’m some kind of fish connoisseur. I’m not, I just really like shoes.

Sports shoes.

Get these from the usual Saucony retailers. You can find them on google, probably.
SushiPack_All(web) SushiPack-MensGreenSide(web) SushiPack-WomensGreenSide(web) SushiPack-WomensPinkSide(web)

Mark Smith

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