Seasonal Sale Picks at The Great Divide

While writing about my new found appreciation for Saucony here, I got distracted by their sale section. I’m always getting distracted though becau….LOOK A LADYBIRD!!
Sorry. Where was I?

Oh yeah, sale stuff. Been paid yet? Virtual quids burning a hole in your paypal account? Then you could do a lot worse than make like Jim McDonald and catch yourself on wee man.

Non-topical Coronation Street references aside though, it’s a mad sale. We wouldn’t normally be so sycophantic as to give two successive plugs to a shop we like but it’s hard not to with this sale. Loads of top table brands too, which you’ll struggle to find in the sale elsewhere. So for that reason I thought I’d do more writing about them and hopefully bring your attention to some seasonal bargains.

To start with, you’ll need some trousers won’t you? This time of year is a bit of a problem, denim wise, I find. I took a pair with me when I was away last week but wore them for no more than about four hours. I wish I had a pair of these Edwin chinos to wear instead.


So assuming I’m kitted out in a nice pair of pants which prowl the place between smart and casual, I can go one of two ways. Smart or casual. Let’s go with the casual. Not in the #casual, dead hard football fighter man way, but the traditional sense. Casual.

I like this Wood Wood sweater so much I might *actually* buy it. It’s my size and the front logo puts me in mind of playing cards on the Starship Enterprise, or something equally farcical.


If I was 54 and not 34 I’d wear a vest underneath this, like Tony Soprano when he’s cooking breakfast or chasing ducks into his pond. RIP btw.

But I’m 34 and the need for something smart to go under this necessitates a nice t-shirt perhaps. One such as this, from Percival. I’ve never bought anything by Percival before and it has just dawned on me the reason is ridiculous. Basically there was a lad about three years older than me who used to knock about with my cousin. He had shit hair and a shit bike, but he thought he was it. His surname was Percival. I realise this is a ridiculous reason to not wear a clothing brand of the same name and I’ve just given my head a wobble.

Nice logo on this t-shirt.


If you’d prefer to wear something absolutely mental underneath your Wood Wood sweat (as I would, depending on my mood) then you can’t look any further than this zesty shirt from Hentsch Man.

Imagine the cuffs and the collar poking out. Pair them up with a knowing wink and you’re basically telling anyone who notices that you’re up for a proper fucking good time.


Let’s rewind a sec though. I said this was casual and we’d return to something a bit smarter looking. So we will.

Brooklyn We Go Hard sounds like something an enthusiastic hip hop artist may announce at his homecoming gig in New York. It’s an ace name for a clothing brand and I’ve no idea why. In the sea of earnest, classic sounding names it’s refreshing that someone comes along and says “Fuck it, Brooklyn We Go Hard is what we’ll call it, now plug at sewing machine in and design me a nice shirt”.

I’m sure there’s a dead clever reason behind this name but I’d rather not know. I’d rather imagine the scenario I’ve just outlined took place, and that the result was this shirt.


I accept that pairing navy with navy is a (Brooklyn) bridge too far for some of you, so here’s an alternative. Harry Stedman is a newish brand with old influences. This shirt is made with cotton grown in the US and woven in Japan.

It’s well nice.


And another shirt. I’m gonna return to BWGH for this. I’d like to buy this and wear it to learn to play snooker in. Don’t ask me why.


Right… we’re nearly there now. Are you still reading? Come back, we’re getting onto the jackets now.

We’ll all be obsessing over new jackets soon enough (mostly at 6 ton a throw judging by early impressions), so rather than save your wages up, grab a bargain while you can.

For a start, this Percival effort looks like something Paddington Bear would wear to a rave in Hartlepool. This is a good thing. This is a very good thing.


If that’s not good enough for you (and let’s face it, it probably is) then there’s plenty more to go at. Stop checking your watch and carry on reading.

Take this Carhartt Sid Blazer for example. With those Edwin chinos and the right haircut, you could look like the best dressed Japanese prisoner of war this side of Osaka. Whether you’d want to is another matter, but this is just a dead nice piece of modern workwear.


What about this from Reigning Champ though? Lightweight, technical, mad pattern on the fabric, waterproof… yes I like this one a lot. It claims to be ‘yellow’ but it’s not. It looks like the desert.


Tell you what is yellow though. THIS!

Take your sunglasses off it’s ok, it won’t hurt you. It’s yellower than a lego man’s head isn’t it. Hentsch Man, well priced and ideal for half-cut walks along badly-lit canal towpaths at around 11.35pm.


It’s all yellow isn’t it? I feel like that nause out of Coldplay. Let’s change it up. How about something that isn’t yellow at all. Something that’s several colours, none of which are yellow. Something that makes you blend in, not stand out.

Camo from Wolsey. It’s actually called the Wolsey Wrexham Bomber Jacket. I’m not sure how to feel about it being named after a Northern Welsh town. I think maybe I’m not that bothered.


I’ve forgotten something haven’t I?

No, not undies and socks, you can wear your own. No, I’m talking footwear.

Well, considering I’ve mentioned Saucony already, it only really leaves a couple of striking models/colours from Clae.

Now then, if only I could remember my paypal password.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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