Seasonal Sale Selects – Outerwear

There are plenty of steals to be had out there. You’d think summer would be a time to put the jackets away, and yet when the sun goes in, out comes the outerwear, this is the UK after all.

Stone Island Marina Ripstop Prismatico Jacket – Orange
Currently 30% off, which is a huge chunk given the original RRP on this. It’d be absolutely typical of you to covet this jacket for most of the year so far, only to miss out.
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K-Way Le Vrai 3.0 Claude Jacket
There are those who claim summer is not a time for outerwear. Those people have obviously never countenanced the beauty in the simple cagoule, a category of clothing K-Way have long dominated.
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Rains Storm Breaker Jacket
Generally, British summer time is a mixture of stifling heat punctuated by violent storms. Rains are here for that.
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Stone Island Garment Dyed Crinkle Reps Jacket
No introduction should be required for this brand, on these pages. Maybe it’s best you just click through and then start trying to justify the cost, albeit reduced.
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Snow Peak Light Mountain Cloth Parka Jacket – Brown
A lot of what Snow Peak do is understandably priced in a high bracket, but this jacket isn’t in that bracket, which not only rhymes but also means you’ve got less of a reason not to get involved.
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Polo Ralph Lauren Traveller Hooded Jacket – Tan / Multi
Ideal for Forest Bathing, which is an actual thing, look it up.
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