Sebago & Oi Polloi Come Together for AW21

Sebago and Oi Polloi have been spending a lot of time together recently. We discussed their relationship not long ago, when they came together for their latest shoe collaboration, the Askook – an American-style moccasin with a hardened, campfire spirit. 

But Sebago is more than shoes, and Oi Polloi has chosen to highlight this by carefully selecting a few of their pieces of apparel to add to their instore and online selection. The curated pieces include a couple banded Rugby shirts, a crew neck sweater, a harrington jacket and a corduroy cap

Sebago’s output is very much preppy-infused Ivy League, but that’s something we’re here for. None of the items would look out of place on Carlton Banks, and whilst he often gets a bad rep, Carlton’s fashion output isn’t to be scoffed at. Don’t worry though, as Oi Polloi have made sure the small selection is durable and multifaceted wear, with a rugby that Yvon Chouinard would admire and a harrington that wouldn’t look out of place on a mod. 

Check out all the bits at Oi Polloi’s site.

Sebago at Oi Polloi.

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